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January 2016 Newsletter

Hello and Welcome to the January 2016 NEWS Section. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a clean and happy 2016.

Our online Marathon Meeting on New Years Eve was a great success, helping lots of addicts stay clean for another day. A big “Thank You” to all who joined us and to those who did service. A video fire work display just after midnight helped round it off and bring in 2016 with a bang!

The online meetings celebrated 10 Years on 5th January and are attracting a regular flow of newcomers to our wonderful fellowship. The Saturday share meeting is still ongoing and looking for volunteers to share their ESH. If you would like to be a guest speaker and share your story, please contact [email protected] and put yourself forward! We would love to hear from you. Also the meetings are in constant need of Chairs, meeters and greeters, so come along and help us share the message.

The Helpline is currently looking for volunteers to help run this valuable resource. The helpline is open from 10 am till midnight, 7 days a week and took an amazing 1052 calls during December 2015!!!! If anyone can spare some time to help out then please contact Andy on 07833 225 123.

The Website/Helpline Committee have some vacant service positions that they'd like to fill. They currently need:- a Chair, Site Administrator, Online Meetings Co-ordinator, 12 Step List Co-ordinator, Vice Treasurer and as from March, a new Secretary. Details of roles, responsibilities and clean time requirements for all of the above positions can be got by attending our next committee meeting at 7.30pm on 2nd February 2016. If you would like to attend, then please text your Skype name to 07833 225 123 and ask to be added to the meeting. We will add you to the call you just before the meeting starts.

Don't forget to look at our Events page to see what's happening within the fellowship by way of Workshops, Unity Days, Fun Days, Conventions etc.

The Prison Sponsorship Committee have approached the Website asking for a banner on our front page to help them attract volunteers. If you would like to do service helping those in prison to work the program by post, then please contact [email protected]

Wider fellowship news includes the recent publishing of a new Information Pamphlet no 29, “An Intorduction To Narcotics Anonyomous Meetings". Also, the World Service Conference to be held in April this year will be discussing a motion to include a new group reading card for our meetings. It is called "What is NA Service" and can be viewed, along with the rest of the conference documents and links here

The January edition of the NA Way Magazine, NA's worldwide recovery journal, is now available for viewing online by emailing

Wishing you all another day clean!

In Loving Service

The News Section.