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December 2015 Newsletter

Hello and Welcome to our very first Edition of the NEWS Section!


This is a place where we can share with you all the wonderful things that happen within the fellowship, not only nationally but also within the wider NA community.


Firstly we are keen to share that the UK Website and Helpline Committees have merged to form one committee from which we can serve better. This is very exciting for us, as not only has it brought us closer as a fellowship, but it will also make better use of resources...not just financial but in brain power too! With an increased mix of skills and talents we hope to improve on the services we currently work with, therefore carrying the message even further. Remember that anyone who would like to join us in service for the Website/Helpline is most welcome.  If you would like to help, are clean and working a program with a sponsor then why not get in touch? Alot of technical skill, time and effort goes into these valuable services so we need you!
You can contact us at 


Please tell us if your meeting is running over the holidays. If you don't tell us, the Helpline's policy is to say "don't risk it" 
Find out how to update your meeting details here


We voted to start an online Share meeting on Saturday nights and will have a different guest speaker sharing their experience, strength and hope each week. If you'd like to share your story of how you got... and stay clean in NA then please contact the committee at [email protected] and put yourself forward. We look forward to hearing from you!


Great progress is being made on the Traditions Workbook Project, with impressive input from individual members, groups, literature committees and ad hoc review workshops worldwide over the last year. The review and input period for Traditions Seven to Ten ended back in August and Traditions Eleven and Twelve and the closing section were completed last month. NAWS have worked hard in their decision making, quided by the question of what will help reveal the true spirit of our Traditions and make this workbook the best piece of literature possible. We look forward to seeing the first draft copy being made available to us and will keep you posted.


Don't forget to look at our Events page to see what's happening within the fellowship by way of Workshops, Unity Days, Fun Days, Conventions etc


If you would like to do service helping those in prison to work the program by post, then please contact 

Wishing you all another day clean!
In Loving Service
The News Section.